5 augustus 2019

Lore Book: Stalactite

From the Lorebook: “Stalactites shake before plummeting downward, impaling anything beneath. Be sure to avoid them as they start to fall.”
4 augustus 2019

Lore Book: Saws

From the Lorebook: “Circular saws are deadly, capable of slicing through anything in their path!”
3 augustus 2019

Lore Book: Pistons

From the Lorebook: “Pistons can retract or expand, affecting the path ahead. Buttons are used to activate various machinery, such as Pistons.”
2 augustus 2019

Lore Book: Pendulum

From the Lorebook: “Swinging to and from, Pendulums will push anything that stands in their way!”
1 augustus 2019

Lore Book: Moving Spikes

From the Lorebook: “Motorised Spikes move between two points. It would be best to stay out of their way.”
29 juli 2019

Lore Book: Hinge Doors

From the Lorebook: “Hinge doors can only be opened from the unmarked side.”
22 juli 2019

Lore Book: Fire Hazard

From the Lorebook: “Exhaust Pipes emit various hazardous gases at varying temperatures. Some of these might even be flammable!”
15 juli 2019

Lore Book: Boulder

From the Lorebook: “Boulders are heavy objects you can push around, just be sure they don’t push you into something nasty instead! Their sheer weight can […]
8 juli 2019

Lore Book: Bats

From the Lorebook: “Bats are nasty creatures that attack anyone disturbing them. Though small, they can still push you in unwanted directions.”
1 juli 2019

Jack Tales: Threat

Jack Says: ”I have a bad feeling about this…”
24 juni 2019

Jack Tales: Playing Today

Jack Says: “Another day, another level of Pilot Perils. What are you playing today?”
17 juni 2019

Jack Tales: Pickup Coin

Jack Says: “Collecting Nuts and Pickups allows me to progress, build new ships and more!”
10 juni 2019

Jack Tales: Minecart

Jack Says: “Minecarts make for excellent battering rams, and also be used to press out-of-reach buttons.”
3 juni 2019

Jack Tales: Gear ’n Saw

Jack Says: “Nothing like a little risk-and-reward!”
27 mei 2019

Jack Tales: Explosives

Jack says: ”I wonder what happens if I’d push this crate off of the cliff…”
20 mei 2019

Jack Tales: Explosive Finale

Jack Says: “There’s nothing like an explosive finale!”
13 mei 2019

Jack Tales: Dark Rocks

Jack Says: “Oh jeez, just my luck! Not only am I stuck in the dark, now the ceiling is collapsing as well…”
6 mei 2019

Jack Tales: Checkpoint

Jack Says: “Pfew just made it through a rough patch, luckily I’m about to hit a checkpoint!”
29 april 2019

Jack Tales: Boulder Play

Jack Says: “Exploring some caves with my big friendly Boulder”
22 april 2019

Jack Tales: Big Saw

Jack Says: “Look at that big, scary saw! I’d better be careful…”
19 april 2019

First Contact

All projects have to start somewhere. In the case of Pilot Perils, we thought it would be fun to create a game for Ipad where you […]
15 april 2019

Dev Comments: Wreckingball

The beauty of using a physics system is that you can create interesting interactions byt (re)combining elements and letting the engine do it’s thing. In this […]
8 april 2019

Dev Comments: Physics

Pilot Perils runs on a custom engine that employs box2d for physics. As a result we can create various interesting interactions between the player and the […]
1 april 2019

Dev Comments: Feedback

As part of our metrics package, we are able to load in up-to-date death statstics, so we can monitor where (and to an extent why) our […]
25 maart 2019

Dev Comments: Darkness

Certain sections in the game are dark: Visibility is severely reduced, though players should still be able to make out faint hints of movement. We’ve also […]
18 maart 2019

Dev Comments: Carrybox

From the Lorebook: “Portable Batteries activate machinery when placed in a Socket. Magnetic Bombs are also carried, but blast open blocked passageways instead.” Players automatically pick […]
11 maart 2019

Dev Comments: Boulder Puzzle

We tried working out an interesting twist on the boulder for level 2-10. In this level the Player is tasked with pushing a single boulder through […]
4 maart 2019

Dev Comments: Ambience

Levels are dressed using multiple layers of Tile-able art assets, and we’ve spent considerable time trying to make them look nice. We hope you enjoy them!
25 februari 2019

Dev Diary 8: Amiibo

Welcome to the last installment of the ‘Dev Diaries’. Now the Nintendo Switch release is drawing near, we’d like to reveal and discuss a feature that […]
18 februari 2019

Dev Diary 5: Shop Iteration

During game developent you may encounter shortcomings and opportunities. Today we’ll discuss how we overhauled our Progression System: Every level in Pilot Perils contains a unique […]
11 februari 2019

Dev Diary 6: Holiday Special

A short dev diary this week: Last Christmas we wanted to give our players a nice, festive surprise: Thus we reworked the existing Tiles into a […]
4 februari 2019

Dev Diary 7: World 3 Preview

This week we’re doing something a little bit different; we’re giving you a taste of what is to come in the near future. At the time […]
28 januari 2019

Dev Diary 4: Design in detail

Today we’ll elaborate on our previous post regarding scene iteration and take you through the game play design process in more detail, and discuss the topic […]
21 januari 2019

Dev Diary 3: Screen Support

If you’ve played Pilot Perils, or seen certain media, you may have noticed that on occasion there is a bar located on either side of the […]
14 januari 2019

Dev Diary 2: Scene Iteration

Hello and welcome to another installment of ‘Dev Diaries’. Today we’ll take a brief look at how levels are constructed in our editor. Our level design […]
7 januari 2019

Dev Diary 1: Art

Over the coming months we’d like to give you an impression of the production process. Today we kick off this ‘dev diaries’ series with a short […]
23 augustus 2017

Working the controls

So when we left the path of the turning device, Johan came up with the idea to integrate the controls in the screens. At first it […]