Dev Diary 6: Holiday Special
11 februari 2019
Dev Diary 8: Amiibo
25 februari 2019

Dev Diary 5: Shop Iteration

During game developent you may encounter shortcomings and opportunities. Today we’ll discuss how we overhauled our Progression System:

Every level in Pilot Perils contains a unique Pick-Up collectible, which can be opened on the Shop Screen. Initially these where seen as a small little extra for the 100%-ers, and merely contained collectible objects that where put on display on this screen.

Feedback received indicated players did not see the point of this inclusion. In addition, we noted a demand for cosmetics. Thus we combined these two items into a single fix: Pickups now contain parts for one of various Ship Skins, which are visually constructed in the shop as Players collect new pieces. Once complete these unlock for use in-game.

The beauty of this solution is that we were able to fix a shortcoming and implement a player request, and as added bonus the effort required was relatively small.