Dev Diary 3: Screen Support
21 januari 2019
Dev Diary 7: World 3 Preview
4 februari 2019

Dev Diary 4: Design in detail

Today we’ll elaborate on our previous post regarding scene iteration and take you through the game play design process in more detail, and discuss the topic of (level) flow; which describes not just the concept of how the player gets from point A to pont B, but also how it ‘feels’ to do so.

The first step in the level design process is coming up with interesting challenges for the player to complete. These are brainstormed, possibly sketched out on graph paper, and subsequently built and evaluated as individual ‘rooms’ in the level editor. Above you can see the segments that made up level 02-11.

Next the level designer selects the segments that will be used, and figures out the initial order to put these segments in, establishing the initial level flow (depicted: level 2-11).

This initial order is often merely the beginning of the iteration process however. For example, the images below show the iteration done for 2-07. As you can see, the seperate elements where moved around and revised extensively so the level feels good to play, which brings us back to the topic of flow.