Dev Diary 1: Art
7 januari 2019
Dev Diary 3: Screen Support
21 januari 2019

Dev Diary 2: Scene Iteration

Hello and welcome to another installment of ‘Dev Diaries’. Today we’ll take a brief look at how levels are constructed in our editor. Our level design process is split into three distinct phases: Outline, Rough Pass & Dressing.

The Outline phase involves taking the idea for a level and blocking it out by placing functional level element such as Spikes and Boulders, and drawing the walls of the level as seen above. The level is subsequent played and tweaked by the level designer until the layout works for what is intended.

The Rough Outline phase involves, as the name implies, adding a rough pass of basic Tiles, followed by further tweaking the playable space; At this stage we can get a feel for the space and play-test it more publicly, improving the level while keeping the cost of making changes low.

During the Dressing Stage, the Rough Pass is refined, adding more detail and variation. In addition further detail is added and the visuals are polished. When done this completes work on the level.